24 Times People Ordered Products Online That Didn’t Live Up To Expectations

January 3, 2019 By admin

24 Times People Ordered Products Online That Didn’t Live Up To Expectations

The Rolling Stones sang it, and everyone else knows it, too: “you can’t always get what you want.” While people used to spend hours, even days going from store to store in search for a specific item, nowadays you just need to do a quick internet search and after a couple of clicks, the object appears at your doorstep!

However, with technology comes errors, scams, and people pushing products and services they have no business selling. Luckily, technology has also provided us with plenty of platforms on which we can share our unfortunate purchases because some of these are guaranteed to make you LOL.


1. Somebody ordered a birthday cake and requested it to look like Mrs. Potts and Chip from The Beauty And The Beast. The characters are actually quite happy-go-lucky, but their cake versions look a little less so.

2. A loving dog owner ordered a lion mane costume for her pooch, but whatever came in the mail looks more like an old man’s toupee. Even the dog looks less than happy!

3. Where do we even start with these jeans? Is this a special clothing website for people with uneven legs? The buyer said they were listed as a 32″ length… We have our doubts about that. 

4. Sometimes a bad purchase can turn into fuel for nightmares. The Twitter user who first scared the internet with this picture said: “My dad tried ordering fake teeth online to improve his smile, the description said they promised it would…….well”

5. ALWAYS check the item description, details, size, material, etc.! This guy must have thought he got the best deal on a Persian rug anyone had ever seen. What is this, a rug for ants?

6. Supporting independent artists is awesome, but be careful when you order from websites like Etsy. Sellers will mention in the fine print that not each item will look like the picture, and these glasses of vino definitely don’t match.

7. Speaking of paintings, this man thought he bought a cool Japanese-style painting of a wave at sunset, but upon closer inspection, he noticed it was a sea of pugs. Ruff luck, bro.

8. This girl asked her dad to get her a size small coat, and if the store was out of them, she told him to get the next size up. Technically, he did what she asked, but the next available size up was an XXL. That’s what you get when you ask your dad to shop!

9. When it comes to beauty regimes, face masks are all the rage right now, so to get a free sample is pretty awesome. To get a free sample to try that was clearly meant for dolls? Not so much. 

10. When you order an egg and cheese bagel, you usually expect a fried egg with a slice of American cheese, or, you know, ANYTHING but this. Was this the cook’s first time preparing a sandwich, ever? This should be illegal!

11. We’re not sure what the Easter Circus thinks is a giant ball pit, but our subjective opinion is that this isn’t it. Were the £1 drinks all one sip? Was the popcorn machine a microwave? Were they giving away plain balloons? 

12. When it comes to size, spacial relativity is important. You know how some people pose in front of the Tower of Pisa looking like they’re holding it? It seems like this wholesaler took a lesson or two from them.

13. This family, or what was supposed to be a family, paid a photographer $250 for a portrait photo shoot — and they did NOT get what they hoped for. The photographer claimed the shadows on their faces were really bad and she never learned how to retouch photos.

14. Ordering something online is tough. Items can take forever to ship, they can be the wrong size, a different color, or out of stock. But it should never turn a pair of jeans and sunglasses into a revealing red dress. The buyer does look great in it though.

15. Have you heard of that story, 50 Shades of Way Too Small? These sunglasses sure are cute, but there is no way they can fit on any adult’s head. Maybe just keep them for your pets or young relatives. 

16. Of course, Twenty One Pilots fans would want an iPhone case with their favorite musicians on it. But HOW ON EARTH did Josh Dun turn into a slice of apple pie on the way home from the factory? 

17. This thoughtful daughter just really wanted to surprise her mom. How could she know the special delivery instructions would be printed loud and clear on the outside of the box? 

18. When you order ingredients from a food service or grocery store, and they run out of a certain item, it’s completely normal for them to replace it with something similar. However, spring onions are not a substitution for spring show flowers, unless you want to be really eclectic.

19. It looks like Sainsbury is not the only company that messed up a flower order. This arrangement looks like one of those cartoon ice pops that always come out lopsided. You call this the king of the jungle?

20. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: triple check the sizes of online purchases! For whom was this actually designed? Thankfully, this kitty looks adorable with this converse backpack. In fact, it fits her purrfectly.

21. Even if you get the right size, there are certain retail websites you should avoid altogether. To make matters worse, it will take you weeks if not months to complete returns. 

22. Have you ever wanted your milkshake to come in a flat Tupperware box? Granted, it’s a safe way to transport a drink, but this killed our sweet tooth just thinking about it. 

23. It isn’t easy to give pretty fur trims and blowouts to pooches of all sizes. This particular groomer still has some learning to do: they turned this adorable little Maltese into a turkey with a big fluffy head! As the owner said: “they did him dirty.”

24. The birthday girl was pretty confused about the topping of this pastry. Her mom had ordered a blond girl, but the bakery gave her a blind girl instead. Perhaps the baker who misread the order is a little blind themselves!


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