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This spring, there are so many rad new and recycling looks, some of which lots of us have already been rocking. Check out nine of my top spring trends that you won’t wanna miss. Fashion your seat belts!

9 Beige is far from basic
Down to earth tones are definitely one of this year’s hottest fashion trends from the runway. Why only have one beige trench coat? Head-to-toe beige is how the monochromatic chic will be dressed this spring/summer.

8 Stock up on sensible shorts
Athleisure wear is being worn internationally and not just for cycling! Not only are Kim Kardhasian and Hailey Baldwin rocking the biker shorts, but fashion houses Fendi, Stella McCartney, and Chanel have added a sleek twist to them. Match them with your favourite blazer or staple piece from your closet. Cheap, chic, and comfortable!

7 Neon your life
Pastel can swerve out of the way! Vibrant tones are back with a bang this year. Who can’t use some extra colour in their closet? If you’re extra brave, try mixing multiple colours. Don’t worry, highlighter isn’t only for paper.

6 Prints on prints
One of my favourite trends! They rarely go out of style and have no limitations – unless you’re the type to mix them together and look like a hot mess! Graphics, graffiti, florals, tie-dye are all this seasons playful prints.

5 Get oversized
Who doesn’t love hats? Especially when you’re having a bad hair day! Make sure your accessories for this spring are big enough to carry you. As Vogue says, “You’re not fully dressed without a hat.”

4 Bow down
Replace your buttons with bows! This season accessorize bows into your jewellery and hair pieces. Oversized bows are also a thing now, so if you need a buckle for your belt, use a bow!

3 Power up in a suit
Energize your closet with a colourful power suit and serve some empowering working women vibes. If you want to step it up, go oversized or go home.

2 Lean in to leopard
Fashion’s best friend Leopard is still here. Leading brands Gucci, Burberry, and Calvin Klein have added an elegant emphasis on these prints. This print is so practical that it can range from everyday to evening wear in seconds.

1 Lace it up
Majority think lingerie when you hear lace, but why does it only have to be sexy? Designers including Victoria Beckham and Christopher Kane have reworked lace into masculine silhouettes. Lace trend is here to stay!


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