Audience Giggles When Little Boy Sneaks A Kiss But Performance Quickly Turns Leaving Everyone Sobbing

January 28, 2019 By admin

Audience Giggles When Little Boy Sneaks A Kiss But Performance Quickly Turns Leaving Everyone Sobbing

Ice skating is a skill that not many people can master. Not only do you need to figure out how to balance your whole body on two skinny little blades of metal, but then you have to twirl around without slipping and falling on the ice! That’s one of the reasons why kids are a natural at ice skating. Not only does their lower center of gravity give them an advantage, but the distance between them and the ground is a lot shorter, too.

Of course, even children can fall flat on their face, which is why having a good coach can mean the difference between landing on their rears or landing an a first place win when it comes to competing professionally. So, when an adorable young boy and girl lay down with their backs flat on the ice, it’d be easy to assume their coach got it all backwards! However, it turns out that this was just one of the genius visual treats in their “Hallelujah” of a performance.

Lucky for them, the cute young boy and girl filmed in this video have been coached by none other than Ilya Izyaslavovich Averbukh, a Russian ice skater who has a 2002 Olympic silver medal win to back up his authority on the subject. After Illya retired, he decided to train the next generation of dancers on ice, and these two kiddos became a part of “Team Ilya Averbukh.”

Choreography is king when it comes to ice skating, and the panel of judges waited patiently to see what this adorable duo could do. Although the children are speaking Russian, there’s one thing that doesn’t need any translation. As soon as Rufus Wainwright’s cover of “Hallelujah” started playing, everyone’s ears immediately perked up! But, then the confusion began when the boy and girl promptly dropped to the floor!

A dance, even one that’s done on a frozen floor, wouldn’t be memorable unless it was filled with eye-catching visual drama. In this case, when these two little stars started playfully pushing each other the to ground in this Shrek movie version of “Hallelujah,” the judges were hooked!

However, it wasn’t until the boy gave the girl a surprise peck on the cheek that everyone knew this ice skating choreography was doing to be dreamy good. With arms flowing in the air like swans, their graceful routine was reminiscent of a ballet.

Of course, despite their young age these two made it to the finals of this competition precisely because of their ice skating skills. This charming duo knew how to get the audience to clap and cheer when they executed perfectly choreographed bounces and twirls.

What a beautiful dance! This pair of cuties are amazingly good. Even pro’s who are three times their age would probably be jealous of all the playfully fun dancing they can do!


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