Bikini model claims she is ‘too beautiful’ to find love

May 13, 2019 By admin

Bikini model claims she is ‘too beautiful’ to find love

A model has shocked social media viewers by making the bold claim that she is “too beautiful” to find love, and that “nice guys” are intimidated by her good looks.
Bikini model and mom Jenna Thompson, who hails from Essex in England, claims that she is only capable of attracting men who want sex from her, and says that her dating life has been negatively affected as a result. She says that dating apps have left potential suitors more focused on superficialities, and not on her personality.

In a recent appearance on the British daytime talk show This Morning, Thompson stated that she’d even gone on a date with a married man, as well as a traffic warden who had issued her a ticket that very same day, out of desperation to find Mr Right.

Speaking to hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Thompson stated: “[Online dating] is impossible. It’s really shallow. People get a kick out of how many swipes they get which narrows down any nice people. I think I intimidate guys. Nice guys. I attract guys who only want one thing or people who think they will just have a shot and don’t want someone that serious.”

She added: “I’ve got a definite type. I am quite picky but I have a definite type in looks but that tends to come with a certain territory. I like heavily tattooed guys who look after themselves. I just need someone who is able to connect with me on a deeper level. I don’t like small talk. Tatts are normally quite deep and artistic.”

When Schofield and Willoughby asked her if she thought she was being too picky, Thompson continued: “I’m not gonna give up on love I just need to keep looking. I think we need a new way of dating. ‘Maybe bring back speed dating but not so fast.”

Hopefully, Jenna will be able to find love sometime in the near future. I know plenty of guys out there who would be happy to take her out for a drink sometime.


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