Embarrassing Errors In Classic Animated Films That Somehow Made It Through Production

January 30, 2019 By admin

Embarrassing Errors In Classic Animated Films That Somehow Made It Through Production

Making a movie is no easy feat, and that goes double when the movie is an animated feature. Making cartoons and computer graphics move around and express themselves like real people requires a ton of people craning their necks for long hours at computer screens.

Sometimes, no matter how much work people put into a movie, there are inevitably going to be a some mistakes that make it past the editor’s room. Here are 19 of the biggest bloopers that you won’t believe actually made it into the final cut of your favorite animated films!

1. Beauty and The Beast (1991): In one iconic scene, The Beast slashes a painting; in another scene later on, however, Belle discovers the painting slashed the opposite direction. Woof.

2. Shrek (2001): When Shrek and Donkey were talking about saving the swamp in one scene, animators forgot to keep an eye on Shrek’s… eye. He’s supposed to closing his eyes, but you can see one right through his eyelid. Whoops!


3. Finding Nemo (2003): When Nemo is desperately trying to escape the clutches of the dentist, he is fleeing as fast as his fins can take him from what is clearly a Ziploc bag with a plastic clasp. However, when the dentist finally does manage to scoop up Nemo, it’s clear he does it in a regular clasp-free little lunch bag.

4. Wreck It Ralph (2014): Vanellope von Schweetz loses her front tooth when she and Ralph are practicing their driving skills. The tooth is clearly gone… and then it mysteriously comes back in the following scene. Continuity fail!

5. The Lion King (1994): Simba’s friend, Nala, captures his heart during that journey with her companionship and sparkling green… er, blue… no, green eyes. Throughout the film, the color of her eyes changes from blue to green and back again!

6. Frozen (2013): When Queen Elsa builds her palace of ice singing her trademark ballad, “Let It Go,” her signature hairstyle — a long, loose braid — is behind her. Then, she moves it to the front of her shoulder. However, instead of going over her shoulder, she simply pulls the entire braid straight through her shoulder.

7. Aladdin (1992): During the climax of this film, Jafar has enslaved Princess Jasmine. She is wearing an elegant gold arm band on her right arm. Later, when Jafar shoves Jasmine to the ground, the bracelet mysteriously switches to her other arm!

8. Chicken Run (2000): Sneak a peek at Farmer Tweedy’s tally book, you’ll see that it changes from shot to shot. On one page, a chicken can be recorded as not laying any eggs, while in the next scene that number was oddly changed to check marks!

9. Lilo and Stitch (2001): In Lilo’s dance class, two drummers sit on the floor playing two identical gourd-shaped drums. However, after cutting to Lilo and cutting back to the drummers, one of the drums has been replaced with an entirely different drum. Who else smells a goof?

10. The Little Mermaid (1989): In one early scene, when the manservant Grimsby gives one of his many speeches, a sailor standing near him first appears in a shirt with black and white stripes. However, mere seconds later, the shirt the sailor is wearing has transformed into a light blue number with navy stripes. Oops!

11. Monsters, Inc. (2001): When this monster gets a sock stuck to his back, it sends the team into decontamination mode. However, this is one very special sock. The viewer never sees it move, and yet it certainly doesn’t stay in the same place…

12. The Simpsons Movie (2007): When Homer Simpson stands up to let the other audience members know just how terrible the movie they’re watching is, we can clearly see which other seats the characters have selected. However, when Homer stands up, it looks like everyone has switched places.

13. Toy Story (1995): When Woody is on the hunt to free his friend Buzz before he can be ripped into pieces or blown up, the clock behind him is clearly visible—it’s about 3:10 Minutes later, when the clock is visible again, it has changed times from 3:10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Maybe time flies for toys?

14. Planet 51 (2009): This particular “no parking” sign first appears on the side of the road. There’s nothing too weird about that, right? What is weird is when the sign moves further down the street in the next shot.

15. Toy Story 2 (1999): During one scene, Hamm and Rex are watching TV, which Hamm turns off with a remote control. However, when the camera cuts to look at the TV, there is no reflection of Hamm or of Rex!

16. Shrek 2 (2004): When Puss in Boots leaps and leaves his hat and boots behind on the ground below him, they are in the distance. However, when Puss leaps back down into them, the pile of clothing has moved forward to meet him.

17. Tangled (2010): Moments before Flynn finally cuts off all of Rapunzel’s hair, she holds his hand to her face, and it’s clear that his arms are in shackles. But in the next moment, the shackles seem to disappear by magic — though neither of them acknowledges it.

18. Beauty and The Beast (1991): Belle’s apron disappears and reappears without any explanation countless times throughout the film. There may be a story-based explanation, but there’s also a more logical explanation: it’s a silly little mistake, plain and simple.

19. Ice Age (2002): At the very beginning of the movie, Scrat the squirrel gets stuck between two mammoth glaciers. He is actually supposed to be caught at the base of the two chunks of ice, yet moments later, he pops out of the top of the glaciers. Either that squirrel is covered in butter, or the animators made a glacier-sized boo-boo!


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