Get By A Li’l Easier With These Genius Soda Can Hacks

November 7, 2018 By admin

Get By A Li’l Easier With These Genius Soda Can Hacks

Whether you call it “pop,” “soda,” or “coke,” all soft drink consumers have one thing in common. Once you’ve downed your fizzy beverage of choice, you likely throw the aluminum can away or smash it against your forehead and then throw it away. But you might want to rethink that…

With a little bit of creativity, soda cans can be repurposed to make your life just a little bit easier. So grab a can and pop the top, but don’t toss it just yet: these DIY soda can hacks might stop you from ever getting rid of your cans again!

1. Who says old metal cans aren’t eco-friendly? An empty Coke, with some bark and moss glued on, can serve as the perfect home for wrens or other small birds. Just attach the birdhouse to any tree using a couple of zip ties.

2. Got your scissors handy? With a bit of cutting, you can transform any aluminum can into the perfect holder for a tea light. This homemade lamp provides some great mood lighting!

3. Need to inject a little more life into your party? If you have some spare time beforehand, you can build an awesome speaker using a soda can and a handful of audio parts. This project should cost you less than $20, which is a steal compared to brand-name speakers.

4. Just because your microwave is on the fritz doesn’t mean that movie night is ruined. You can have fresh popcorn in seconds by putting together a makeshift oven out of two cans and a small candle. Pour in some kernels, and soon you’ll feel like you’ve got your very own movie theater!

5. If you happen to have a ton of soda can tabs on your hands, you can make a very cool, lightweight chain. After cutting a slit in the thinnest side of the tabs, you can stack them to make an individual link, and then hook them up with other links. Soon, you’ll have a shiny chain perfect for a wallet or belt.

6. When it comes to storing your valuables, a safe is often too impractical and too obvious. For a subtler method, simply use a can opener to slice off the top of an empty can, and then add a bit of weight inside. Voila! You’ve got the perfect place to secretly stash any small objects in plain sight.

7. Need to split apart a yolk from the egg whites? Sure, you could blow some of your hard-earned cash on a kitchen gadget you’ll only use once in a while. But for a cheaper solution, cut off the top of the can and drill some holes in the bottom. Once it’s flipped over, the gadget will do the job perfectly.

8. Speaking of eggs, what do you do with your dirty frying pan? Pouring leftover grease down the drain seems like an easy fix, but it’s actually a great way to clog your pipes with fat. Instead of dealing with that nightmare, just pour the waste into a can and dispose of it once it cools.

9. Do you hate buying small pots for seedlings when they’ll just outgrow their home in a couple weeks? You can have a green thumb AND keep the green in your wallet. Slice an empty can in half and fill each part with soil, and you’ve got cheap and easy planters for your next crop.

10. A lot of the phone cases out there are so bulky that you can barely fit the device in your pocket. For a slimmer profile, you can take the body of an aluminum can and wrap it around like a suit of armor. Just remember to leave a hole for your camera, or else you’ll never become an Instagram star!

These DIY hacks show why it always helps to have a couple of soda cans on hand.

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