I Photographed Dramatic Seascape Photos Of The Raging Ocean

August 15, 2018 By admin

I Photographed Dramatic Seascape Photos Of The Raging Ocean

The storm is one of the most impressive weather conditions existing. And the storm at the sea is even more so! Menacing clouds, angry wind, mighty waves – everything adds to the drama. Of course, it can be dangerous and the photographer should be double careful and alert.

Different weather conditions require a different approach to the photography. For the flowing water, the long exposure works best. And short exposure is the choice for the waves. I don’t focus on just one technique and try to find what’s appropriate for the weather.

The series showcases storms I have photographed in Sydney, Australia across different months and even years. Through these photos, I want the viewer to feel gale wind, to smell salty spray and to enjoy the raw power of the raging sea

A powerful raging storm that ruined part of the coastline in Sydney in 2016.

I’ve got every aspect of the seascape in one shot.

The cliff’s height is around 20 metres.

I’ve been experimenting with the shutter speed and I like how the wave is a little blurred showing more power.

A long exposure shot in the interesting gorge in the Little Bay.

An incoming stormy cloud with a bunch of showers.

A tricky and dangerous place. One of the waves managed to knock me down although I was pretty far from the edge.

Same storm as the first photo. Huge wave crashing against the cliffs. Can you see a seagull?

I was about to leave when the Sun found a gap in the clouds. The seagull kept watching it with me.


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