Josh Groban And Jennifer Nettles Sing Together Live With Beautiful Duet

March 25, 2019 By admin

Josh Groban And Jennifer Nettles Sing Together Live With Beautiful Duet

Josh Groban is a name everyone is familiar with. The American singer and songwriter is known for his vocal style and his ability to perform in the same circle of renowned singers like Andrea Bocelli. The distinct baritone voice of the young artist propelled him to the top of the charts. Known as one of the best-selling artists in the United States, Josh Groban has released a number of albums that ranked high across the charts, earned Grammy nominations, and performed with a slew of well-known musicians. The scope of his singing voice ranges from operatic pop to pop rock, soft rock, and adult contemporary.

What happens when a talent like Josh Groban performs a duet with another multi-talented singer? The game is changed and a show-stopping number leaves the audience in hushed silence, that’s what. Jennifer Nettles, the lead vocalist of Sugarland, is a country singer and songwriter that recently wowed the entire Madison Square Garden with her impressive singing voice as heard in the duet with Josh Groban.

The two artists collaborated on a song entitled “99 Years” from the album Bridges which was released just last year. The song describes a relationship that starts off smoothly, withstands the test of time, and pushes past hardships, leading to having a beautiful love to look back on in 99 years. The extraordinary performance was delivered so flawlessly that it sounded as if a record was just being played over speakers in the arena. Josh Groban leads the song with a smooth intro to the first verse. His cool, low voice, paired with Jennifer Nettles’ strong vocals, created the perfect blend and added appeal to an already incredible song. Each line resonated through the venue, leaving the audience in awed silence with just the occasional whistles and applause heard.

The meaning of the narrative song was amplified by the fusion of both voices. How lucky each member of the audience was, to have heard such an amazing combination of voices. Their distinct singing voices definitely have a way of adding emphasis to a soaring ballad that music lovers and couples the world over can relate to.

The cross-genre collaboration can be described as one of the most exceptional tracks to grace the industry. Josh Groban’s latest song reminds us that his talent is the kind that surpasses time and trends, and Jennifer Nettles’ strong vocals echo the same message.

You can even see some couples in the audience holding each other close throughout the song proving that through music, we are reminded that some things in this world truly are worth holding on to and fighting for.


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