Pregnancy Announcements That Are Making People Laugh

January 8, 2019 By admin

Pregnancy Announcements That Are Making People Laugh

Finding out that you’re going to be a parent is often one of those jump-for-joy moments in life, and announcing the news to the world oughtta be special. Yes, in the age of social media, the development warrants more than just a stack of drab letters sent out in the mail. It deserves a big show.

These parents-to-be certainly rose to the challenge and produced the funniest and most touching baby announcements you’ll ever see. You might even recognize a couple famous faces sprinkled throughout these pics as well…

1. Not all kids take the news of a new sibling so well. This little girl threw a fit when she found out her parents were kicking her out of the crib. Luckily, chances are she’ll get a much bigger bed out of the deal — plus a brother or sister.

2. NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith never expected to score like this! He and his wife Chanel staged their spaghetti dinner to reveal their upcoming pregnancy! After the shock wore off, we’re sure they shared a Lady and the Tramp style kiss.

3. Pets usually grow accustomed to being the center of attention. However, they have to make some room when kids enter the mix. This golden retriever had the good sense to brush up on his reading beforehand, and of course, he’s mature about it. Just look at those glasses!

4. Expecting mothers go through a lot of physical changes during their pregnancies, so it’s nice when dads stand with them in solidarity. When these parents found out twins were on the way, it was apparently enough to give dad morning sickness!

5. To be clear, Will Smith is not the father here. Emily just happened to bump into the superstar the day she got the good news, and Will was kind enough to help her share it with friends and family.

6. Balloons are the perfect decor to celebrate a special occasion. They’re also a great metaphor to what happens to moms over the course of the pregnancy, which these parents-to-be aptly recognized in their funny announcement.

7. Is this couple trying to set a new child record? They’ve still got a ways to go at four, but at least they’re above average. Nevertheless, two of their daughters wish their parents quit while they were ahead.

8. In some cases, dads are the last ones in a family to find out there’s a new baby coming. The father below already has his hands full with two daughters, though he’ll have to manage with one more kid if that pregnancy test says what we think it says.

9. When it comes to reading up on baby humans, dogs probably learn the most by checking out books by other dogs. We can’t say we’ve read anything by Fido Crotchsniffer, but we commend this pooch for mixing in the classics with some Virginia Woof.

10. Assembling IKEA furniture always turns out more complicated than you expect. So does having a baby. While plenty of parents wish there was an official manual to raising a child, these two make it seem like it wouldn’t do much good.

11. The Macintoshes already had two Big Macs in the family, and once they learned they’d be bringing a little one into the fold, they doctored this fast food carton to share the Baby Mac news. And they’re loving it!

12. Need a cool drink to wash down that Baby Mac burger? These expecting parents have got you covered with their Mom and Dad Coke cans. We can only guess how many soda aisles they had to visit before finding the right customized cans.

13. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out this bombshell news. This couple wanted a kid, but they never expected to get triplets. Hopefully these parents can handle being outnumbered!

14. Good parenting requires you to stop, collaborate, and listen. That’s what these Vanilla Ice fans believed, at least, when they spelled out their pregnancy announcement. Ice ice baby! All they’re missing is that bass line.

15. A trip to Disneyland is a pretty nice consolation for a kid nervous about getting a new sibling. Judging by those Mickey Mouse ears, her family will be returning soon enough — with one more member in two.

16. This same-sex couple had a little fun announcing their pregnancy. Borrowing a storyline straight out a Jerry Springer episode, they shared the news of their baby with a hilarious dose of fake drama.

17. Every Mario needs a Luigi. Fortunately, this little gamer will have a brother by his side before too long. Maybe years down the road, they’ll go into the plumbing/princess rescuing business together.

18. Are ultrasounds too high-tech? These two drew upon their artistic skills to depict their new child preparing to enter the world. Additionally, that meadow has much better lighting than any fluorescent doctor’s office.

19. Whether you’re waiting for a baby to come to term or a download to finish, patience pays off. One mom had a good sense of humor about the long process and doodled a loading bar right on her belly.

20. It’s nice to be the baby in the family…until you’re not the baby in the family anymore. This little girl is having a hard time adjusting to this fact. Her brother gloating next to her doesn’t make it any easier either.


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