Soldier Returns Home To Overjoyed Dogs

April 8, 2019 By admin

Soldier Returns Home To Overjoyed Dogs

After returning from six months in Afghanistan, this soldier could hardly wait to surprise her dogs Calla and Wrigley. As her two Great Danes sat quietly on the couch they had no clue their fearless owner was about to enter the room. It had been so long since they had all been together but that never kept them from missing each other dearly. They were about to get the most exciting surprise, and as their owner slowly opened the door, they sensed her right away.Her lovely scent must have given her away before they even saw her face, because at the very same time, they perked up from their lazy day on the couch and jumped off into a sprint, racing to meet her once again. The long days over seas finally passed and when she saw her Calla and Wrigley coming towards her, deep emotions welled up.

It was a game who could get a hug first. Bouncing around the room, these dogs couldn’t stop to catch their breath. There is no doubt that these dogs love their owner. Seeing them reunited had the whole family rejoice with the happiest hearts.


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