Strange Photos That Prove The Laws Of Gravity Can Be Broken

October 24, 2018 By admin

Strange Photos That Prove The Laws Of Gravity Can Be Broken

The laws of physics are not the kind of laws that can be enforced or broken. They exist, and we just have to deal with them. Still, there have definitely been instances that left us wondering how on earth they can be possible.

We can almost always find an explanation for why inexplicable things happen, but when we can’t, it’s fun to wonder or simply write it off as magic. Some of these photos might look like such sorcery, but the truth behind them is even more captivating…

1. Is this a ghost eating noodles? Is this an art piece where the noodles are fake? No! It’s just really really cold in the Antarctic, and a person’s snack froze right up, leaving the fork floating mid-air.

2. All hail the bald king! From afar this looks like a floating crown, but up close we can see that whatever is left of this man’s hair is holding up a beer cap. He must be using a great shampoo to create such strong, voluminous stubble.

3. Pause the tunes, what is going on here? Did Beethoven get drunk and order seven pianos on Amazon? Unlike the noodles, this might actually be an art installation — or someone dropped a bunch of uprights off a ship as usual.

4. This looks like the floating ghost of a pick-up truck. Of course, it’s just a frozen mold that stayed behind when the driver backed out of the spot, but it sure looks eerie…

5. Did you know that a Japanese Yen coin is so light that it can float on water? Now you do! If you gently lower the aluminum coin into your liquid of choice, it will remain on the surface.

6. What? Huh? Who? How? We have no idea how this stunt was pulled off, but this picture is giving us anxiety. Whoever created this masterpiece must have a couple (card) tricks up their sleeve.

7. The story goes that Jesus could walk on water, so is this gorgeous little husky related to the big guy or is he less dense than the water itself? We’re having a “ruff” time understanding how this is possible…

8. At first, we thought this picture was just flipped upside down, but then we noticed the land underneath. Apparently, when the pilot flips the plane really fast, the pressure keeps everything in place, including the water being poured into the cup.

9. Mountain goats are famous for going where no man (or any other flightless animal) has gone before. Their hooves provide enough friction to hold themselves up against steep cliffs with their strong limbs. Watching them climb a mountain is “meeeehhhsmerizing”.

10. This person has created the ultimate Pringles portal. Mom always said not to play with food, but we’ll let this cool creation slide. Looks like the pooches are impressed too, or they just want a bite already.

11. Has this guy never heard of inertia? Unless these things are all glued together, we can’t comprehend how the tank and the melon don’t roll right off when he hits the brakes.

12. This walrus must have been dieting like a supermodel if that thin sheet of ice can hold him up. As long as he doesn’t sink his tusks into his podium, he should be alright to watch the boats sail by.

13. This looks like the portal to nirvana! These arches are sadly not shaped by a miracle but by man, although it could not have been easy to pull off. Maybe they took notes from the McDonald’s logo?

14. This guy must have gotten the inspiration to impress his crush from watching one too many seal shows at a zoo. The trick would be a lot more romantic if he wasn’t in a glasses store. As of now, it’s a little on the nose.

15. At first, you might ask yourself why this snowman is so sad or wonder if he’s bowing. But the question you should be asking is: “How is this snowman still staying up?”

16. Picture this: you’re driving home after your date with the guy who balances flowers on his face, and you suddenly feel your wisdom tooth begin to poke through. You change your gear to “F” for flying, and end up in an awkward situation. You might need a different kind of doctor now…

17. What fresh heck is this? It’s a good thing that top rock is tied to that bottom rock, or else it would totally float away, just like all the airplanes at Cairo International Airport. This is proof that Egyptians can build anything.

18. No, this is not a scene from Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring. This model could have impeccable strength in her forearms, but from the looks of it, it might just be photoshop.

19. Goats are not the only species who seem to defy the laws of gravity and physics: our feline friends are famous for pulling off the impossible. They fit into the tiniest boxes, can take on any shape, and can balance themselves on practically nothing. Before you know it, they’ve created a cat-astrophe.

20. The key to this trick is to create this sculpture before you drink the wine, while you still have steady hands. It’s probably also wise to avoid practicing with that $100 bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon you have in the back of your cupboard. Cheers!

Just when we think we know all the rules, these pictures shatter our concept of reality. Even if you know how it’s done, they’re still pretty cool to see.

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