Tiny Dancer Melts Heart With Diamond Routine

April 15, 2019 By admin

Tiny Dancer Melts Heart With Diamond Routine

The stage lights came on at the first notes of Rihanna’s song, “Diamond”, at the 24/7 Dance Competition in and revealed a young little girl, getting ready to perform. This little girl is Ella Dobler. This talented little girl has been dancing since she was a toddler and already shows so much skill.

She started her dance training at the New Level Dance Company where she still trains to this day. Trained by the owner of New Level Dance, Ashley Massicotte, they have competed and received awards in different competitions since 2016.

In 2016, she received first place overall in the Rainbow, and World Class Talent competitions with a lyrical dance style performance of “Heaven on Earth”. She has also competed with a contemporary dance style performance “Diamond”, which won her a range of first, second, and third place awards in several different competitions. And she performed a jazz style performance of “Grace Kelly” at the In10sity Dance Competition in Tampa, earning her a third-place award in Premier Mini Solo, and a platinum award, and a contemporary dance style of “Departure” at JUMP Miami, earning her second-place in Jumpstart Solo, plus a High Gold Award.

Her choreographer for all performances is Ashley Massicotte, the owner and director of her dance academy. The New Level Dance Company is a premier dance, acrobatics, and aerial arts facility. They offer Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip-Hop for different age levels (starting from 3 years old up to 19 years old) and different skill levels (from beginner to intermediate to advanced).

The 24 Seven Dance competition, which featured this Contemporary Dance performance of Diamond by Ella Dobler, is a dance workshop and competition that travels to 24 different US cities every season. 24 Seven Dance takes place from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. It starts off on Fridays with solo competitions plus master classes led by their world-renowned faculty. Saturday always starts off with group dance competitions, then different dance workshops for all ages, and ends with a Faculty Jam, where everyone is encouraged to dance with them. Sunday starts with more dancing workshops and ends with the Closing show featuring competition highlights, scholarship awards, and performances from the faculty.

Ella was a lucky girl to have been able to join the Orlando leg of the 24 Seven Dance Tour. She was able to show off her dance skills and join the Age 5 Contemporary Sidekick Solo with her performance of “Diamond” as choreographed by Ashley Massicotte. She showed off her dance skills and wowed the audience, which included the 24 Seven Dance faculty.

We are definitely looking forward to watching more of Ella’s dance performances for the years to come!


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