Trucks That Spilled Their Precious Cargo And Left It Up For Grabs

April 16, 2019 By admin

Trucks That Spilled Their Precious Cargo And Left It Up For Grabs

Cruising down the highway next to an 18 wheeler brings to mind a question: “What do you think is in there?” Big rigs carry pretty much everything, from frozen corn dogs to flopping fish, and a few inches of metal are all that separate the mysterious contents of a cargo truck cab with the outside world.

When a cargo truck actually does take a tumble, it can mean massive problems, from shutting down roadways to hours of traffic delays. Still, disastrous as a tip over may be, the visual effect of a punctured truck cab resembles the popping of a random, chaotic balloon — and people can’t help but marvel at the splendor of spilled cargo!

1. No one is saying truck spills are a good thing. Thank goodness no one was harmed, but this paint spill is hypnotizing work of art. Forget murals, a few more slip-ups like this and this town will look like a Dr. Seuss book.

2. Something fishy must have been going on because the driver of this school didn’t realize he’d lost any of his cargo. Residents of Belfast viewed this as a loaves-and-fishes-style mackerel miracle and scooped up as many as their arms could carry.

3. One of the more dangerous realities of cargo truck crashes is when the cargo is alive. About 14 million bees burst out of an Idaho freighter in 2011. Onlookers in their cars were confused by the swell that appeared as a big black cloud; then they heard the steady rumble of the buzz.

4. Tell the boys in the army there is a huge salami shipment headed their way! The meat truck in questioned was slammed into by another vehicle, sending sausages bouncing down the Sheboygan streets.

5. You can catch crabs on the beach…or by looting them in the middle of a heavily trafficked motorway. If you think scooping up the crustaceans was shellfish act, consider the price tag of such a feast. In total, the crab crash cost $176,000.00

6. Even if you ordered them scrambled, everyone’s eggs were runny on that fateful day. The driver had egg on his face — and everywhere else — when this brunch got out of hand.

7. Imagine driving down the road, minding your own business, when thousands of pounds of mucusy slime crush your car as if it passed underneath a waterfall. Not snakes, but the culinary delicacy monkfish, crashed out of a semi truck on the highway.

8. Authorities faced a clean-up straight out of Willy Wonka’s daydreams when this liquid chocolate river swamped a motorway in Poland. According to the manufacturer, “spilled chocolate is more difficult to remove than an oil.”

9. Word spread fast amongst locals that a pear pilfering party had broken out, and boy did people turn up. As it happens, it was determined the fruit was too damaged for sale. That deterred exactly no one from filling their vans.

10. This is a barefooter’s worst nightmare: to get a glass of water from the kitchen, first, you must cross the highway of piercing legos. The cleanup crew of this most annoying spill had to pick up every single minuscule block before they could play with any other toys.

11. Nope, it’s not grass. These mountains of punishment could only be green beans. Even if it took all night, some unlucky kid wasn’t allowed to leave the dinner table until he ate all these veggies.

12. Satisfying as this robin egg’s blue puddle is to the eye, it posed a serious time sensitive problem: if any of the paint dribbled into an open water supply, the environmental ramifications would be severe.


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