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The ocean is such an amazing thing. It’s home to some of Earth’s most amazing creatures, some of which we haven’t even discovered yet! From the teeniest seahorse to the biggest blue whale, it’s truly a magical place.

It also provides a playground for humans to have adventures in and on. From swimming to sailing, scuba diving to surfing, we’ve found ways to connect with the ocean in truly invigorating ways.

When one woman went out to go wakeboarding one afternoon, she got to combine her favorite watersport with the majesty of the ocean.

Surfing along the water (with a deceptive amount of ease!), she’s enjoying a day out in the sun, sport, and even working on her tan. She had no idea what was about to happen and make it an afternoon she’ll remember until she’s old and gray!

All of a sudden, the most incredible thing happens. Out of the corners of their eyes, the man and the woman see dolphins bowing, or “porpoising,” out of the water just a few yards away from their boat.

It’s not just one or two of them, either. It’s a huge pod! There are too many to count swimming right alongside them. What an incredible experience.

Then, as they already can’t stop smiling, the dolphins come up to swim right alongside the wakeboarder, as if she, too, was part of the pod.

Can you imagine what this would be like?

Wyatt Miller, who posted the video to YouTube, wrote that,

“This was definitely one of the TOP 3 afternoons of my LIFE!!!”

I can totally see why he would say that! How often do you get to be this up-close and personal with nature on such a large scale? It’s kind of like the dolphins knew that the humans would love their company because they made a point to come right up next to the boat and the wakeboarder.

While the ocean is a wonderful place for us to enjoy and to discover nature, we don’t treat it very well.
Our oceans are getting fuller and fuller of plastic by the moment. About 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean each year, a lot of which are microplastics. Microplastics are tiny shreds of plastic that get consumed by a whole range of oceanic creatures, which will either harm or kill them.

There are also 5 huge concentrations of plastic floating around our oceans. There is one between California and Hawaii that’s the size of the state of Texas.

This video is joyful and beautiful, but it’s also a reminder to treat our oceans with more respect! These amazing animals are suffering at our hand, and it doesn’t need to be that way!

Some things you can do to help is to recycle, reduce your use of single-use plastics like water bottles and plastic straws, and use matches instead of disposable plastic lighters. Every minute that ticks by, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean. That’s insanity!

I know I’m not alone in wanting these beautiful creatures to be around for much, much longer.

If we keep carrying on the way we are, they may be gone much sooner than we think.


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